Pass Plus

Pass Plus

Young drivers who've just passed their test are most at risk of death or serious injury whilst driving on the roads than any other road user group. Young drivers are the drivers of the future and are often casualties at an early age due to their lack of experience, skill, maturity, knowledge or simply a poor attitude to driving. Passing the driving test is just the 1st stage in learning to drive. 

The national Pass Plus scheme has now been in operation for several years. The scheme provides post test training in the form of 6 practical modules on a range of subjects which are not currently included when learning to drive e.g. Motorway driving. There is no further test at the end of the training as driving is continually assessed. The cost of Pass Plus training in Cumbria currently averages around £160. We strongly believe in the Pass Plus scheme, so much so, that whilst funds permit, we will contribute £100 in the form of a voucher towards the cost of Pass Plus; subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must be a Cumbrian resident, register within 12 months of passing your test and be aged between 17 to 24 inc at the time.
  2. You must use an instructor that is on the approved list.

More information or to register for Pass Plus +

Pass Plus leaflet (PDF 2.5MB) 

List of instructors that are on the approved list (PDF 57KB)